Nepal Tea Development Corporation

Nepal Tea Development Corporation is the largest producer of Tea in Nepal. NTDC, today, produces a variety of teas such as Gold Leaf, Masala Tea, CTC Tea, Green Tea and Orthodox Tea. 

Tokla Gold leaf - New 8 flavors of tea in Nepal.

Tokla tea - Since 1966

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This company was established in 1966 AD having 7 Tea Estates, out of which 5 Tea Estates were Planted under British Technical Collaboration and 2 Tea estates were planted by Cornel Gajraj Singh Thapa in 1863 AD. The tea seeds were presented by the Chinese Emperor. The Government of Nepal Handed over all these Tea Estate to Triveni Group by privatization scheme in 2000 AD.

Tokla Gold leaf
A closeup image of tokla masala tea with five spices - Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black pepper.
Closeup look of Tokla Gold tea with a cup of tea with aromatic clouds of steam.
A closeup picture of ILAM orthodox tea produced by NTDC, Nepal.

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