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Few Words About us

One of the pioneers under the Triveni Group umbrella, NTDC, with its very popular brand TOKLA is the largest tea producer of the country. With extensive tea gardens in Ilam, NTDC produces 36 lac kilograms of team every year. This is a 3-fold increase from when it was solely under the government to when a treaty with the private sector was made.

NTDC, today, produces a variety of teas such as Masala Tea, CTC Tea, Green Tea and Orthodox Teas. Our teas are organic which have been certified by the IMO Switzerland. With a whopping 25% market share in our hands, we are the market leaders in this segment.  Tokla Teas’ market is not just confined to the boundaries of Nepal, but it is also exported around the world to Russia, Japan, India, Australia and the United States of America. The various forms of packaging include, loose packaging and tea bags form. With many years of experience and producing such a large quantity, Tokla promises its consumers consistency in taste and fragrance. It is the most widely used brand locally soon becoming synonymous to the word Tea!

Tokla Heritage

The eastern regions of Nepal are known to be one of the best regions for producing CTC tea, and are home to some of the finest tea estates. Tea cultivation in Nepal started with the tea gardens set up by Colonel Gajraj Singh Thapa in 1863. The Nepal Tea Development Corporation (NTDC), established in 1966, later managed these estates, along with five other tea estates started with British technical collaboration. Since 2000, Triveni Group has been jointly managing all seven estates–the Ilam Tea Estate, Kanyam Tea Estate, Tokla Tea Estate, Soktim Tea Estate, Burney Tea Estate, Chilingkot Tea Estate and Baradasi Tea Estate–with the NTDC. The group’s vision, however, remains the same: to produce quality Nepali tea. Among their tea products, Tokla, the company’s oldest brand, has grown to become a household name among consumers today.