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Ilam Tea Estate

Well known as the taste of Himalayas and a pioneer in quality; The Ilam tea garden is a plantation that was the offspring of the Chinese Tea Seeds straight from the Emperor’s court in China gifted to Nepal’s first Prime Minister Junga Bahadur Rana.The tea were planted in 1863 AD. 

Ilam Tea Estate is geographically situated at an altitude level ranging  in between 4500-5000 ft. above sea level.

The lush greenery of the Garden is based on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas and is physically connected to Darjeeling hills of India just a few kilometers across the border one could view the tea garden of Darjeeling district. Ilam and Darjeeling enjoy the same topography where the soil and climate are quite similar and highly suitable for the cultivation and production of high quality premium tea. “Ilam Tea” Today has become a household brand and has created a niche market for itself in the market worldwide. The “Ilam” brand of tea which is famously known for its flavors and briskness is under the supervision and ownership of Triveni Group.

Kanyam Tea Estate

Famously known as the Queens of All the Tea Gardens of Nepal, the Kanyam Tea Estate is situated at the height that is the highest in Ilam district and was first planted under the technical collaboration of the British Government. Kanyam’s first foundation was planted by His Majesty Late King Birendra Bir BIkram Shah with a vision to encourage the tea sector in Nepal, this tea estate lies on the foothills of the Mt. Kanchenjunga.

The garden consists of approx 216 hectares of which tea is planted on 200 hectares and it produces some of the most exquisite Orthodox tea. The Kanyam Tea Factory is located at an altitude of 5500 ft above sea level.

The Darjeeling hill plantations is about 2 KM from The Kanyam Tea Estate and is similarly conducive to the required environment to grow tea with a subtle brew and flavor loved by all. The climatic conditions are so parallel that the thick cotton clouds seen over Ilam and Darjeeling literally cross each other sparkling off the same mountain winds and rain that clean the tea gardens situated in these areas.

It is well known that the unique flavor of the well grown tea leaves are enhanced by a number of factors that includes the climate condition, elevations, the bushes and its fertile soil. Even the air that all combine to produce the best that any tea gardens can offer a world of tea lovers, growing by the day. It is these environmental points that come forth from Nepal’s Himalaya region that helps produce some of the most delicious brews that the world has ever known.

It is with this advantage of the divers agro climatic conditions that the Kanyam Tea Estate has begun the planning stages of switching over to an complete eco friendly cultivation methods for the production of organic ORTHODOX black tea that will give tea lovers the taste of the tea that will be like dew drops falling from the heavens.

Kanyam Tea Estate, under the caring supervision of the Triveni Group seeks to produce and export some of the best tea in the world in an area known for its magnificent natural beauty and ever so gentle romantic environment.

A splashing cup of tokla tea - Masala tea

Tokla Tea Estate

Producing the best when it matters the most, the Tokla Tea Estate was planted by the British Government in  the year 1974 AD. Tokla plantation offers the highest Quality CTC tea which  is arguably considered to be the best  tea production in the country.

The Virgin tracts of land based at the mountainous foothills of South Eastern NEpal was specially selected for the purpose of CTC production of the Tokla plantation.

As of present date, Tokla commands approximately 300 hectares of area under tea crops with a gross area of 336 hectares. Triveni Group had acquired the Tokla Tea Estate from the Government of Nepal in the year 2000 AD.

Chilingkot Tea Estate

Lying in the midst of the dense forest,Chilinkot tea estate offers the finest quality of CTC tea. Baffling the very norms and creations of Mother Nature itself, Chilingkot Tea Estate was discovered amidst the dense foliage of a green forest, making it a surprise to the Gods of nature and the hunamg beings too.

Geographically situated at the foothills of the Mahabharata Mountains, this mystical garden of Chilingkot has a distinct Liquor and flavor; creating a unique identity and brand in a league of its own.

The garden is planted in an area of 73 hectares within a gross area of about 400 hectares producing excellent quality CTC tea every year.

Geographically situated at the foothills of the Mahabharata Mountains, this mystical garden of Chilingkot has a distinct Liquor and flavor; creating a unique identity and brand in a league of its own.

The garden is planted in an area of 73 hectares within a gross area of about 400 hectares producing excellent quality CTC tea every year.

Burne Tea Estate

In the midst of the hills and plain, Burne tea Estate produces both CTC and orthodox tea of unmatched quality. The BurneTea Estate consists of vast trusts of Lust, green bushes that stretch for as far as the eyes can behold. The estate is situated at a mid area between green hills and the vast plains of the terai belt. The unique assets behind the Burne Tea Estate is its soil. The fertile soil is the result of the soil erosion that has occurred in a time frame of hundreds of years, emigrating from the clean, green hills to the plains of the terai. The fusion of the soils combines to produce tea with an aroma that lingers on the palate if an ardent tea drinker. The garden makes up an area of 400 hectares under the tea cultivation with a gross area of 850 hectares. Under the care and supervision of Triveni Group, Burne Tea Estate has produced some of the finest blends of tea in the country. 

Baradasi Tea Estate

Taming the wild to grow green. The Bardasitea garden is seeped in a blazing history of planting tea seeds and sacrificed in a wilderness laced with the dangers of the wild. 

The history of the garden speaks of many of its workers who lost their life in the process of planting the seeds due to the various factors related to working in wild untamed area such as dense forest and jungles.

At present the garden covers an area of 40 hectares planted with the cash crop of tea and has a gross area of approximately 160 hectares.

Soktim Tea Estate

In the midst of hills and plain, Soktim tea Estate produces an unmatched quantity of CTC tea widely known as illam’s annexes and also the pioneers in tea estate of Nepal.

Soktim Tea Estate was the plantation of success and an offshoot of the Ilam Tea Estate that was first planted by the then Colonel Gajraj Singh Thapa of the Nepal Army.

The Tea Estate was planted in the year 1865 AD. The plantation lies at an elevation of 1000 to 3000 ft. above sea level. 20% of the garden is planted under the pure Chinese seeds and the remaining plants are the products of carefully planted high quality clones.

The high grown plantation area of this garden produces the kind of leaves that contain more color and strength which retroactively enhances the health benefits of drinking more tea that is richer in antioxidants. The Garden is planted in an area of around 100 hectares producing the finest quality of Orthodox black tea and CTC black tea per annum.