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Tokla Masala Tea

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Tokla Masala Tea would be the most preferred choice for the Masala Tea Lovers. A special tea with the mixture of 5 Masala’s such as Clove, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger and  Black Pepper mixed along with the best quality of Tokla Tea Grain.

The Tea would provide you with the best flavors and fragrance of a warm Masala Tea. Originating in Ilam, Tokla Masala Tea is one of the best ways of enjoying a quick cup of tea; especially during monsoons and winter.

Our Tokla Masala Tea includes a balanced mixture of natural ginger, cardamom and black pepper for making your perfect cuppa.

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Green Tea

Tokla Green would be a great choice for people who are usually concerned with their health. For Healthy Lungs, Blood Pressure Control, Fat Burn, Bone Build Up, Immunity and Liver Protection. Tokla Green Tea would be a great choice for your daily use. Being raised in our own historic garden of Ilam since the past 160 years. Tokla Green Tea is one of the finest qualitative Green Tea in a very affordable price range. Tokla Green Tea is available in Tea Bags, Envelopes and boxes. 

Also indulge yourself in Our rich assortment of Green Tea Flavours infused with The Freshness of Mint, The Aroma of Jasmine, The Sweetness of Honey and The Sour Extract Of Lemon. Our Green tea is the perfect concoction for your health.

Tokla Ilam (Orthodox) Tea

Our orthodox tea has the natural body-cleansing and detoxification properties that you need to fit into your diet. Carefully plucked from the green hills of Ilam, its raw tea leaves provide your body with one of the best natural ways to clean up your system.

Tokla Gold

Tokla Gold is a special tea with a strong color, fragrance and taste. A blend combination of Tokla Orthodox Tea and CTC Tea which is targeted towards the people who would prefer strong Tea usually based with milk. The finest tea which would provide you with the preferred strong color, fragrance and Taste. Tokla Gold would be available for you in special pouch Tea Bags and Pouches.

Tokla CTC Tea

Tokla CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) grown in our gardens of Jhapa, is a mild and refreshing tea which is suitable for our day to day use. Tokla CTC is provided with the best quality of Tea with the actual originality of Nepalese Tea.